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The Personal training staff at Club 1 Fitness is dedicated to our members and their success in reaching health and fitness goals. Our trainers are professionally certified and can help provide the accountability and drive you need for success. 

The personal training process starts with a free orientation, followed by a free session with one of our trainers where you can discuss diet plans and exercise regimens that are tailored to your fitness level.  Should you decide to proceed with a personal trainer, we offer multiple options:

  • One-on-One Personal Training
    Programs are personalized to benefit beginning exercisers to advanced clients as well as those interested in sports specific or post rehab training. Your trainer will work with you to find your best program and to make changes as your fitness level increases.


  • Two-on-One Personal Training
    Just like one-on-one personal training but you will share the personal attention with one other person. This can be a spouse, parent, child, friend, or someone else who is looking for a training partner.


  • Small Group Personal Training
    Expect personal attention and share the expense of a private trainer when you join or form a group of 3 to 6 people. Training sessions are designed to benefit the whole group and can be from general total body conditioning to a specific program like TRX® Suspension Training or HIIT Training.

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